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  • NETGEAR MR5200-100EUS Nighthawk WiFi 6 5G/4G Travel Router £754.46 exc. VAT

    NETGEAR MR5200 Nighthawk M5 Portable WiFi 6 5G NR/4G LTE Cat 22 Router w/ Embedded SIM Slot (1800Mbps AX)

    The NETGEAR MR5200 Nighthawk M5 Portable Dual-Band WiFi 6 4G/5G Router upgrades your mobile broadband experience to unparalleled heights with WiFi 6 and incredible speeds with 5G. Keep your entire family connected to 5G over WiFi for up to 32 devices. Perfect for mobile business staff on the go, from commuters to first responders and service technicians — access secure WiFi wherever your work takes you. With the option to connect the 5G mobile router to your existing home router, you can bring 5G speeds into your home network and all your WiFi devices. This unlocked device will accept all SIM cards across EMEA and Asia Pacific. The router features a simple and intuitive app, parental control options, and long-lasting battery.


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  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-Pro Redundant WAN over LTE 4G Router £236.87 exc. VAT

    Ubiquiti U-LTE-Pro UniFi Redundant WAN PRO over 4G LTE Cat 4 PoE Backup Router w/ Embedded SIM Slot

    Note: This product is powered by PoE and does not include a PoE injector
    The Ubiquiti U-LTE-Pro UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE 4G Backup Router provides backup cellular internet connectivity to ensure your UniFi WAN network is always running. This U-LTE-Pro works in the EU region and supports European LTE and WCDMA bands. It has a Nano SIM card slot for your own card. Insert the Nano SIM card (not included), connect to any switch port in your corporate network, and activate the device.

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