WatchGuard WGT40031-UK Firebox T40 Network Firewall

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WatchGuard Firebox T40 Firewall Ap892pliance w/ 1-Year Basic Security Suite (WGT40031-UK)

WatchGuard WGT40031-UK Firebox T40 Network Firewall use as a Basic Security Suite, Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Application Control, WebBlocker (URL/Content Filtering), SpamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defence, Network Discovery, WatchGuard Cloud Visibility Data Retention, 24 x 7 Standard Support.

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WatchGuard Firebox T40 Firewall Appliance w/ 1-Year Basic Security Suite (WGT40031-UK)

WatchGuard WGT40031-UK Firebox T40 Network Firewall use as a Basic Security Suite, Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Application Control, WebBlocker (URL/Content Filtering), SpamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defence, Network Discovery, WatchGuard Cloud Visibility Data Retention, 24 x 7 Standard Support.

Key Features

  • Includes a one (1) year Basic Security licence subscription.
  • Firewall throughput up to 3.4Gbps and 880 Mbps VPN
  • Five (5) Gigabit Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures & gigabit WAN connections.
  • Integrated PoE+ port for powering peripheral devices.
  • All logging and reporting functions included with purchase, with over 100 dashboards and reports including PCI and HIPAA.

WatchGuard Firebox T40

Quick and Simple Deployment

WatchGuard RapidDeploy makes it possible to eliminate much of the labor involved in setting up a Firebox to work within your existing network – all without having to leave your office. RapidDeploy is a powerful, Cloud-based deployment and configuration tool that comes standard with WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Local staff simply connect the device for power and the internet, and the appliance simply connects to the Cloud for all its configuration settings.

Integrated Power Over Ethernet (PoE+)

Integrated support for PoE+ means you can avoid running separate power cables to peripheral devices like security cameras, VoIP phones or wireless access points.

Automation To The Core

The WatchGuard Firebox T40 appliance is designed with automation to the core, allowing your IT team to do more with less. The WatchGuard Automation Core makes it possible to deploy from the Cloud, block threats, update signatures, and detect and kill malware, all without lifting a finger.

Network Optimisation With SD-WAN

Firebox T40 makes network optimisation easy. With integrated SD-WAN, you can decrease your use of expensive MPLS or 4G/LTE connections and inspect traffic from small offices while improving the resiliency and performance of your network.

WatchGuard Basic Security Suite

WatchGuard Basic Security Suite turns your WatchGuard Firewall appliance into a comprehensive Unified Threat Management solution. This Basic Security Suite includes powerful UTM security subscriptions that boost defences in critical attack areas for maximum network protection. At an exceptional value, the suite includes subscriptions to Application Control, SpamBlocker, Reputation Enabled Defence, WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Network Discovery, and Intrusion Prevention Service, plus LiveSecurity Service for support and maintenance.

Key Features

Standard Support:

Your WatchGuard appliance may already include a subscription to WatchGuard’s groundbreaking Standard Support, which you activate online when you register your product. Receive web or phoned-based 24×7 support with an unlimited number of support cases per annual subscription. Standard support gives you targeted response times: 4 hours for critical/high cases, 8 hours for medium and 24 hours for low priority issues.

Intrusion Prevention Service:

Continually updated signatures scan traffic on all major protocols, providing real-time protection against network threats, including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows.

Application Control:

Allow, block, or restrict access to applications based on a user’s department, job function, and time of day. It’s never been easier to decide who, what, when, where, why and how applications are used on your network. You will have the power to limit application usage, and keep unproductive, inappropriate, and dangerous applications off your network.


In addition to automatically blocking known malicious sites, WatchGuard WebBlocker delivers granular content and URL filtering tools to block inappropriate content, conserve network bandwidth, and increase employee productivity. A powerful and easy-to-use solution for controlling and monitoring web activity across your entire organisation.


Real-time, continuous, and highly reliable protection from spam and phishing attempts. WatchGuard spamBlocker is so fast and effective, it can review up to 4 billion messages per day, while providing effective protection regardless of the language, format, or content of the message. Get real-time, continuous, and highly reliable protection from spam and phishing attempts.

Gateway AntiVirus:

Leverage WatchGuard’s continuously updated signatures to identify and block in real time, known spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, rogue-ware and blended threats – including new variants of known viruses. At the same time, heuristic analysis tracks down suspicious data constructions and actions to make sure unknown viruses don’t slip by.

Reputation Enabled Defence:

A powerful, cloud-based web reputation service that aggregates data from multiple feeds to provide real-time protection from malicious sites and botnets, while dramatically improving web processing overhead.

Network Discovery:

This service generates a visual map of all nodes on your network, making it easy to see where you may be at risk. It helps ensure that only authorised devices are connected while detecting all open ports and protocols.



UTM (full scan)

  • 300 Mbps

Firewall (IMIX)

  • 1 Gbps


  • 272 Mbps

HTTPS (IPS enabled, full scan)

  • 92 Mbps


  • 623 Mbps

IPS (full scan)

  • 510 Mbps

Firewall (UDP 1518)

  • 3.4 Gbps

VPN (UDP 1518)

  • 880 Mbps


Interfaces 10/100/1000

  • 5

I/O interfaces

  • 1 Serial/2 USB

Concurrent connections

  • 4.3 M

Concurrent connections (proxy)

  • 200,000

New connections per second

  • 18,000


  • 50W

SM licenses (incl)

  • 0

TDR Host Sensors included

  • 20


Branch Office VPN

  • 30

Mobile VPN

  • 30



  • Stateful packet inspection, TLS decryption, proxy firewall

Application proxies

  • HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, TCP/UDP, POP3S, SMTPS, IMAPS and Explicit Proxy

Threat protection

  • DoS attacks, fragmented & malformed packets, blended threats

Filtering options

  • Browser Safe Search, Google for Business


Site to Site VPN

  • IKEv2, IPSec, Policy and Route Based Tunnels, TLS hub and spoke

Remote Access VPN

  • IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP, TLS


Logging and notifications

  • WatchGuard Cloud & Dimension, Syslog, SNMP v2/v3


  • WatchGuard Cloud includes over 100 pre-defined reports, executive summary and visibility tools



  • Pending: CC, FIPS 140-2




  • IPv6 Ready Gold (routing)

Hazardous substance control




  • Multi-wan failover, dynamic path selection, jitter/loss/latency measurement

Dynamic Routing


High Availability

  • Active/passive, active/active


  • 802.1Q, DSCP, IP Precedence

Traffic Management

  • By policy or application

IP address assignment

  • Static, DHCP (server, client, relay), PPPoE, DynDNS


  • Static, dynamic, 1:1, IPSec traversal, policy-based

Link aggregation

  • 802.3ad dynamic, static, active/backup



  • Operating: 32° F to 104° F 0° C to 40° C
  • Storage: -40° F to 158° F -40° C to 70° C

Relative Humidity

  • Operating: 10% to 85% non-condensing
  • Storage: 10% to 85% non-condensing


  • Operating: 0 to 9,843 ft at 95°F (3,000 m at 35°C)
  • Storage: 0 to 15,000 ft at 95°F(4,570 m at 35°C)


  • 157,751 hours


Product Dimensions

  • 203.2 x 215.9 x 43.2 mm (8” x 8.5” x 1.7”)

Product Weight

  • 0.88 kg (1.94 lbs)

Shipping Weight

  • 1.86 kg (4.1 lbs)

Power Consumption

  • 25 Watts (no PoE)
  • 60 Watts (PoE) Power100-240 VAC Autosensing

Renewal Information

Service/Subscription = WatchGuard WGT40341 T40 Basic Security 1 – Year
Term = 1 – Year
Price = £388.43 (Price confirmation at email us
The WatchGuard Firebox T40 Firewall Appliance brings enterprise-level network security to small office/branch office and small retail environments. This appliance is small-footprint security powerhouse that delivers all the features present in WatchGuard’s higher-end UTM appliances, including all security capabilities such as AI-powered anti-malware, threat correlation and DNS-filtering.Further more information call us(+44) 20 4534 3618  or  email us at

Standard Warranty: 1-Year

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